Who was the first champion you played?

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User Info: Thunder67467

4 years ago#21
Warwick was my first, My friend and me played a custom 1 v 1.. He also chose Warwick (Surprise?) We killed each other.. had many luls.. then got squashed in a real game. Ahh the good ol days.

User Info: Leighton04

4 years ago#22
Either Mao or Ali, can't remember.
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User Info: HeroshiX2

4 years ago#23
Heimer I think.

Way back in closed beta.

User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#24
Ashe. Tutorial.

User Info: mrg59

4 years ago#25
Shen was free week when I started, and I didn't know it was free week. I had no idea how the game worked, so the next week when the champions list changed I was super confused. Once I figured it out I bought kat and used for about 15 levels, then bought akali and used her for seriously like 140 straight games to 30 and continued playing her a lot. Then she got nerfed into the ground a while back and I barely pick her up since.

Wow, over 2 years later and I realize I almost never play the champs I almost solely played at start, shen kat and akali.

User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#26
Garen, in that tutorial.
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User Info: SkyShinryu

4 years ago#27
Kogmaw, because he's so darn cute :D
But being a high skill cap champ... you can guess how I did.
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User Info: Damien94

4 years ago#28
Taric and soon after Twisted Fate during beta.
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#29
Ashe or Trist. Don't really remember.
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User Info: Ephidel

4 years ago#30
Garen in the tutorial, and Katarina after that. That game did not go so well for me.
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