I'm assuming there won't be any more new Tank champions?

#1luigi33Posted 2/5/2013 6:40:13 AM
By tank I mean someone whos there to soak up tons of damage and disrupt your team while getting assists. Shen, Amumu, Rammus, Malphite etc.
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#2AlastreonPosted 2/5/2013 7:05:45 AM
That's a rather silly assumption,seeing how riot isn't done releasing them yet,there could very well be one in a week or so.
Unless i've missed what the next champ is somewhere,in that case make one week,however long until the champ after that.
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#3NeoAndurilPosted 2/5/2013 7:06:38 AM
From: Alastreon | #002
That's a rather silly assumption