Is Tristana bad or just unpopular?

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EDumey posted...
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She is just like all other ADCs. Needs at least two tanky bruisers with 180+ armor, 150+ mres, and 4k+ hp to tank and peel for her.

Honestly, something like Galio + Alistar for mid and support. Throw in something like Olaf + Jax for jungle and top. Easiast game of Tristana's life.
Just about no one can initiate on her. Galio's slows, speed up, and ult taunt means any initiation is lost on Galio. Olaf and Jax means the damage to kill anyone trying to get to Trist and to go kill enemy squishies. Alistar has boss mode peels for Tristana coupled with the rest of her team.

This is irrelevant to Tristana. This would be great peel for any ADC. What makes Tristana unique is that she has a long reposition jump and a huge AoE knockback so she can peel for herself if you DON'T have those tools at your hands.

I agree with both of your posts. I'd like to add that having a "weak" mid game should not affect her as much as it seems on paper, because her above average laning phase will ideally put her in a slight lead going into mid game.