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#1CrazyFunkyMasaoPosted 2/5/2013 2:58:56 PM
Okay, so I know that the LoL community isn't the best, that's why I usually play premades, but today I played some normals since noone was online.

Most of them were quite okay but there was one single match that made my blod boil.
I waited a bit to pick my role and asked everyone where they wanted to go. Only two replied and said that they were going top, the other ones didn't say a thing so I picked Orianna and said that I wanted to go mid. There were no objections... until the counter hit zero. Yi wanted to go mid, he didn't leave me any choice and went there immediately when the game started so I had to go bot. I told him that I only play Orianna mid and that he should've said that earlier but there was no reply. It was me and warwick on bot btw, not a great combo, especially since I have never played her bot.

So top (Garen and Akali) died first and the enemy had first blood, yi said his first words ingame (no feeds pls) and I started to get a bad feeling about this.
Since I had to share creeps with Warwick (who didn't want to spare any cs) I didn't have enough money for my build and had to settle for a lot less. I still was able to assisst in some kills with my speed/slow, ult and decent burst, but that was about it.

It looked bad for us and the enemies pushed us to our last line of towers when Yi started to open his mouth again. "omt team", he said. Soon after that followed "noob team T_T" and "all feed". I told him to shut up and pick his lane earlier next time, but all he said was "did I say orianna noob?" and continued his solo-tour around the map. I replied that he said "noob team" so that includes me as well... and then IT began.
"jajajaja noob ^^" was his reply. And he didn't stop there. Every single time he said something he added "jajajajaja". I mean, I've seen many people here make fun of it, but I've never experienced it myself, so it was kind of funny at first... but after ~10 mins of "jajajaja" I couldn't bear any more and told him to shut up again. I'm sure you know what he said... or at least a part of it. "jajaja noob team^^" was his reply and he tried to insult me with broken english. Now my english isn't that good either, but I had not a single clue what he was talking about so I told him to learn english and also "jajajaja my ass, stfu and play". His reply was "I no need english^^ you learn spanish". I told him that english is a world-language and you should at least know a little bit, then he said "jajaja ok^^" and shortly after that "ok = noob jajaja ^^".
There was a lot more but I want to spare you guys, so I'm only going to tell you that I went completely NUTS at one point and started to say stuff like"shut your f***ing mouth up d*ckhead" and "go die so noone has to hear your f***ing jajajaja anymore". That was kinda extreme, I know, but man... His response was "jajajajajaajaja", btw.

We still were able to win at the end, I guess our hatred for Yi united the rest of the team, but wow, I don't think I am ever going to play normals again. Now I know why "jajaja" is so popular on this board.

Do you guys have any rage-stories to share as well?

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From: CrazyFunkyMasao | #001
Do you guys have any rage-stories to share as well?

I've raged out loud and stopped playing for a while. But never in game.

I might have said "come the f*** on guys" a few times but then I realize it's futile to go any further.

Hope you get matched with better players next time man.
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I don't really ever get too mad over the game. I've played so many normal matches that I kinda know what to expect. I just never let a toxic player get to me if they have something to say. More often than not they're the problem. Just gotta deal with it and work around them.
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jajajaja = hahahah in spanish. people know this, right?
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i rage a lot, but never in game. i dont want to lose my skins.
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SexualPizza posted...
I don't really ever get too mad over the game. I've played so many normal matches that I kinda know what to expect. I just never let a toxic player get to me if they have something to say. More often than not they're the problem. Just gotta deal with it and work around them.

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I was in a really bad mood last night. And I should have played Xbox to relax. But I didn't. I played League to relax.

Big mistake.

I've never raged at anyone in game before. It was ranked, and I was ADC Vayne. Our support locked Alistar ASAP cause "Alistar OP OMG" but even the mechanics of Alistar don't go well with Vayne.

So we started. Jungle Mundo pinged us to go away when we went to help with the jungle. "whatever" then told us we should be bot. Right away I respond "OMFG, is that where I go? I had no idea!"

We go bot, against Caitlyn and Taric. Bad combo. Alistar rushes in, gets stunned and destroyed. I stayed back"OMG VAYNE! WHY U NO COME HELP"

Me: Vayne is a late game champ, I can't trade with Caitlyn. Play passively and let me farm
Ali: OMG NOOB! Vayne is not a late game champ. I play Vayne, I go 5/0 at least by 10 minute mark!

So I think whatever. Then Mundo comes. I'm low health. Mundo has low health, rushes in anyway. I follow, knowing it's probably a bad idea. Sure enough, double kill for the other team.

Mundo: Vayne no feed!

Are you kidding me?

I go back down. As soon as I get there, Alistar charges in again, and dies. Then 4 more times. B****ing at me the whole time. I followed him 1-2 times, and died, then left him to die the rest.

Me: "I play Vayne a lot. I know that I'm not going to win against Caitlyn. Stop going in"

So he abandons me on bot. I can't hold the tower, so it goes down. Top and mid start getting mad at me. The rest of the game is all us getting destroyed. I'd be farming, Alistar would start a team fights. A bunch of them would die, then 2 of us would hold mid. Once I got my PD, I went bot, and backdoored while my team died repeatedly. I pushed all towers by myself, and took out their Nexus and won the game at 0/7.

I can't remember everything I said. But with Alistar being dumb, and everyone blaming me, I raged hard through the whole game. It was awful. Then at the end in the after game chat they all said "omg Vayne, thank you, you're the best! GG ALL!" I said "F*** you all" and left.

What an awful game
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@NeoAndriul Thanks.

@SexualPizza Yeah, you're right. Btw, your name is totally awesome.

@nastylep I know (i think they pronounce it something like chrachrachra... Dunno how to say it in english, in german I would say "chachacha"), but it's not like we say "hahahahahahahaha" at the beginning and the end of every sentence.

@Tekutso Indeed.

@MwarriorHiei Yeah, I don't want to lose mine either, it just came over me.

@GENEC1DE Sounds awful man. Thanks for sharing. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, lol.
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alistar is pretty damn squishy early on. lane phase he is valued for his CC, tower diving ability @ 6, and enemy relocation. not his ability to take hits. it'z bizarre how many people see the bull and think "UNSTOPPBLE TANK LEVEL 2"