You just killed Ahri

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2 years ago#1
What are you? - Results (176 votes)
A murderer
23.3% (41 votes)
A poacher/ hunter
9.66% (17 votes)
A butcher
8.52% (15 votes)
58.52% (103 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just wondering what people consider Ahri as.
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
2 years ago#2
A slutslayer
ign toki
2 years ago#3
A hero.
Who needs logic when you can just speak loudly?~cookie_kid
LoL IGN: I Rock Ths
2 years ago#4
Do I control the shadows... Or do the shadows control me?
2 years ago#5
A water-type.
Would you like to know more?
2 years ago#6
Kitty Kat --> /\_/\
2 years ago#7
a lot of people are sheep so they won't believe a champion is strong until a pro says so
2 years ago#8
Needs an option for "All of the above".
People complain about lag when the connection is flawless.
2 years ago#9
Gamer Tag: Ultimated00m
LoL IGN: Rezem
2 years ago#10
I found that last option funny
Haters gonna hate......
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