So if you move up a division..

#11Viewtiful_JonPosted 2/7/2013 1:39:38 AM
Lithsp posted...
Another question now.

Since you can't drop from gold to silver or whatever, but the Elo matchmaking system is still about, could you get to Gold division, lose loads of games in a row so you are now matches against baddies, and then stomp your way to higher divisions because you would basically just be climbing back from like 700 Elo to where you were, but now you're also gaining LP.

I'm sure you'd gain less than usual if you're gold and are playing against people who are about 800 Elo, but is it still possible to jib the system in this way?

If its true that you cant drop down to different leagues, then I guess you will become one of the people who I have seen complaining who gain between 0-2 LP for a win and lose a ton for every defeat.

But wouldn't the Bronze slowly become unpopulated if this is the case as people either luckily or due to skill manage to leave it.