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3 years ago#11
Bhellium posted...
P00DGE posted...

Everyone has bad games

Or just meets someone who's just plain better no matter how well they're playing.
The best player on your team could be that 0/8 Jax, doesn't matter much once you get behind.

Well, matters less.

Bad games =/= bad players though. A good player can do bad
3 years ago#12
D. You can be outmatched. This is especially true when there are people in a duo queue on both teams. If they are coordinating well and trying to crush you and the duo on your team isn't doing well you can expect to be beaten.
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3 years ago#13

Shaco Jungle, Pantheon Mid. Just watched Destiny go like 2/12.
3 years ago#14
D Everyone has bad games/get's outplayed. Heck, I can go 13/2/2x one game, play the next and go 2/10/3. All depends on the match up, and players skill levels. You get outplayed, you'll probably end up feeding, or being useless.

TC was clearly mad.
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3 years ago#15
Missing the focus here guys.

A bad game is going 0/5. It is minor feeding but overall, just a bad game. Ask yourself something though, when was the last time you hit double digits in deaths in a 30 minute game? If you can remember more than one time in the last week, you're probably bad at this game. A good player will never die that much regardless of the situation. A good player will buy extra wards and prevent those 4 man ganks.
3 years ago#16
You're not leaving any room for other answers, TC. Stop pushing your opinions on us.
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3 years ago#17
Yoketa posted...
Doesn't matter what lane with a slight exception to bot lane. Slight.

Anyway, C/D. There is no reason to go 2/10 in a normal SR game that lasts 28 minutes. Enemy jungler camping you is not a reason. Every lane coming at you is no reason. A well placed ward and careful backs can have you walk away from being 2/10 and instead be 2/5 and call it a bad game.

0/5 can happen in a terrible game where you just get destroyed in lane by a counter pick and camping jungler. 2/10 just means your bad.

C/D Getting into the double digits in deaths in a game that is under 30 minutes means your bad, not that you're getting camped.

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3 years ago#18

TC is a stuck-up scumbag
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3 years ago#19
I guess 1 out of 10 times I'm a baddie then. I freely admit now and then I get ROFL stomped and it seems no amount of wards or defensive playing stops it. All I can do is study what I did wrong to begin with and use that information to be a smarter player next game. Only level 21, so still learning the hard way who counters whom :P
3 years ago#20
D. Some days you just get the downs.
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