Bot lane - What if your supporter doesn't ward?

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3 years ago#21
Everyone should get wards, but ADC should get the least.
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3 years ago#22
Verbally abuse them and say

/all report noob supporter Elo hell
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3 years ago#23
It's not the supports job to be the only warder, every champ in every position should buy wards on every back
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3 years ago#24
Every role should be buying wards if they want to avoid being ganked. If the ADC has enough gold after buying his items after his B then he should buy one as well. Though I'm guilty of not buying enough wards midgame since almost every time I go place some wards my team decides to go start a team fight
3 years ago#25
You should actually help your support ward in lane. Sometimes he'll run out of wards and you have to go back before he does. In that case, buy a ward if you have 75g to spare.

But yes, if he's not warding, you should spam the chat until he does.
3 years ago#26
Megeas posted...
But I'll be sure to let my lane partner know how he can improve his game. I find be overly nice about it makes people much angrier then yelling about it.

Yes, being overly nice can often come across, especially in text form alone, as belittling or patronizing. How about being regular nice?
3 years ago#27
This is why I used to say I almost always regret not rushing Wriggle's in solo queue.

Now it's been nerfed so much I'd be silly to buy it in all but a few rare cases. :( And I can rush Shiv if I need pushing power.
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3 years ago#28
that depends.

if you dont mind dying when they realize you're not warding then dont buy them

if you dont want to die tho i suggest you buy them.

unless you think you can escape without them (like ezreal or something) then its probably a good idea to buy them yourself and stop acting like its never the ADC "job" to ward :D
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3 years ago#29
hawkeye2188 posted...
boktai3 posted...
well, its 75g per ward, thats 3 minions, and if you didn't ward and get ganked and died, your missing almost 20+ minions, thats quite a few wards.

I agree with this.

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3 years ago#30
04Dark posted...
I hate how people squabble over 75 gold, maybe 500 gold throughout the game.
I can see not wanting to do it at the start of the game, but after 5 minutes into the game you can fork over 75 gold.

I spend well over 1k gold a game on wards.
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