Vlad is true late game carry.

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3 years ago#11
he gets that built and far into late game everyone else has too. chances are there will be someone who shuts him down, like late game nasus.
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3 years ago#12
In what world does late game Nasus shut down Vlad? If Nasus is going after him and not the ADC, Vlad's team is probably going to win the teamfight anyway, and Vlad will still do his job.
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3 years ago#13
If you are against Vlad you basically have to shut him down. Or he will just pool 1 shot the ADC unless they are very aware and well positioned, and AoE 1/2 the teams health down in almost any fight situation. Every champ has their ups yes, but Vlad's lategame I'd compare to Garen's early game. Everyone hates it.
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3 years ago#14
Only global slow I know of is a karthus ulting with a rylais
3 years ago#15
Zilean is one of the two TRUE late game ap carry (other being veigar)
3s 55% slow/haste
3s 320 base bomb
30s full hp revive
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3 years ago#16
mentalmaniac posted...
wow time to randomly make up stats day? 4k hp with 800ap... yeah right... its one or the other. inb4 vlad passive. get your stats right.

He isnt making them up, vlad has 3.5-4k hp after full build with ~800ap
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3 years ago#17
Yeah, I had a full build Vlad a few days ago too. Sorc, Rylai, Liandry, Deathcap, WotA, Abyss. With elixirs but no baron I had ~4.2k HP and ~650AP.
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