This new system is stupid

#11JackTNguyenPosted 2/6/2013 12:35:52 PM
I gained 30 points for each of my first 3 wins and my first loss only subtracted 5. I think I like the new system ^.^
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I should have also mentioned that I've been getting around 20 LP per win before I got to 82. Then suddenly I started getting nothing for wins and still lose tonnes for loses.
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SorrySleeping posted...
It is suppose to be a proving point. Getting to a new Division is suppose to mean something, so it is hard to go up.

Actually, I've been gaining 20 points per game. So that doesn't sound right.

Getting to 100 LP or whatever it is, is rather easy for most people depending on how much the win/lose. Getting past that and into a new Division is the hard part.
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