so much for skins not providing an in game advantage

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affect the hitbox

iirc Ez's PFE skin had a longer range on his Q
It was slight, but it was still longer.

Misconception! What actually happened is Ezreal's Q was slightly shorter than it was supposed to be EXCEPT on PFE. So yeah, the skin had a longer range, but only because all the OTHER skins were bugged, and the bug just wasn't ever noticed until the correct version could be compared to it. They've fixed it now.
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It was only for lv1 Q too, if I recall
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So no Surprise Party Fiddlesticks?
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list of skins please.

Would post it if I had it. Just heard this on Voyboy's stream as their manager (Liquid) was talking to them about the LCS.

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What about people that Copy/paste the skin files + play them on their computer as custom skins.

Uh I think that's irrelevant. They're banned for people competing in the LCS. I am fairly certain you aren't so you can do w/e you want.

They are not banned for that reason.

They are banned for the viewers of the stream, aka, casuals.
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Janook from riot Hey guys, I'll clear this up now: Yes, some skins are banned from the LCS. This is for spectator readability concerns only, and has nothing to do with balance. Typically, we ban out skins that are particularly "noisy", or very different from the base model. This is to make the action a little easier to follow for you guys.
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