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Hey guys, i just wanted to know something, as i want to use the best build possible on diana for ranked play. What i wanted to know is how i should start my build. I always start it by buying a rylais, then zhonyas, but i was recently introduced to nashor's tooth, an item that works very well with diana's passive. Where should i put nashors tooth in my starting build, or should I even worry about it?

Thanks in advance :D
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No, you shouldn't build around her passive
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Even if her passive does a lot of extra damage?
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Even if her passive does a lot of extra damage?
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From: irongamer224 | #004
Even if her passive does a lot of extra damage?

Yes, because she's a Mage/caster and you shouldn't really be AAing unless its harass early game.

By the time you can finish a Tooth, the gold would be much better off on a Rylais or any other staple AP item.

I mean, you COULD buy it and use it I guess, it's not the worst item on her, but I'd rather just put the gold into a better Ap item.

If its jungle Diana though, it would actually be pretty good. Lane, not so much
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Her passive is good, but she only gets one proc off during her entire combo.


She'd get more damage from Lichbane than Nashor's.
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