A new summoner's rift!

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From: Rydethetiger | #007
its Symetrically and mechanically perfect

No, not really.

Not arguing that it should be (since people like to jump to conclusions), just pointing out that it isn't.
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JennaTahlia posted...
TT was hardly played so the remake was good. SR doesn't need one until at least next season and even then, it shouldn't be too different because you'd have to rebalance all the champs and items for it.

the tt remake was crap and ass
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It's good to see they are trying to constantly improve themselves.
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They were working on a new map that they abandoned. Not really sure why.
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Honestly I'd like if they added like 3-5 different skins to Summoner's rift and have it change randomly.(Like maybe a light weather system that you could turn on or off if you didn't like it.
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