Q is spammable, who destroys the most?

#31MrGiblePosted 2/8/2013 5:31:37 AM
LordMordor posted...

AoE knock up, followed by another, and another, and another

no mana. Nasus q's the hell out of you with his 20% life steal
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#32Black_AssassinPosted 2/8/2013 5:37:47 AM
Gangplank would be funny in lane.
Taric Graves burst combo just got silly.
Good luck peeling Irelia or Jax.
Jayce and Nida get a penta poke.
Thresh/Blitz/Naut can't be escaped from.
Talon + SotD
Trynda has permaheal.
Udyr instagibs anyone in melee range.
#33Gig_NFBBPosted 2/8/2013 5:39:58 AM
Team silenced forever.

You are invisible forever.

You are untargettable forever.

You own 1v1.
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#34kiba312Posted 2/8/2013 6:08:26 AM
NinjaKangaroo posted...

oh noes 0.o
#35ShadowD00mPosted 2/8/2013 6:34:16 AM
I think Garen would be best, he silence his enemy forever.
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#36MrGiblePosted 2/8/2013 7:02:14 AM
Yi would be correct as to being the most broken due to his i-frames.

Shaco would win all base races
Evidence is absolute. Logic is flawed.
#37YoketaPosted 2/8/2013 7:10:00 AM
Now if we are talking spammable as in no cooldown, no mana, gotta give it to Janna. Give her 2 seconds and suddenly tornadoes everywhere.

If more like Karthus Q spammable, Zilean would be pretty scary.
#38AlastreonPosted 2/8/2013 7:28:22 AM
Trundle would be pretty scary in a 1v1,because you'd be doing over 500 damage per AA with not much damage wise.
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#39The-World-SevenPosted 2/8/2013 7:31:07 AM
omg no1 say renekton

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#40aiiirikPosted 2/8/2013 8:14:09 AM
Sion is better than Yi, because you will get to target him long enough to hit him with a Q, and despite going untargetable he will still get hit. Once Sion hits him once it's all over.
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