Looking for new people to play with...

#1HMandACFanPosted 2/8/2013 3:30:13 PM
Just trying a new medium here to find people, as the game's website and in-game chat rooms don't seem to be working to well. I'm level 30 with about 560 wins. I don't really play ranked much, but I prefer draft over blind (dem blitzcranks remind me why when I play blind). I main support and mid, my main champions being Alistar, Soraka, Maokai, Zyra, and Fiddlesticks. I can also jungle as Maokai or Fiddlesticks, and I can even ADC as Ashe or MF. I don't like top, but I do have champions for it. I have around 22 champions. I'm mostly on late at night (NA time) on the NA server. If you're interested in playing with me, add me in-game or on skype. Skype name: tiamats4esgares
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