ward skins are free btw

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good topic

ty Mr. President
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Painthawf posted...
Age of Empires sucked.

Age of Mythology was what the cool kids played

AoM was amazing.
#13kirbymuncherPosted 2/9/2013 5:21:31 AM
Age of Empires was way better than Age of Mythology
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Lanterns to light up the fog of war. Makes sense, right?

EDIT: I have a creeping feeling that the only lanterns I see will be my own, though. I'm certainly not gonna be seeing flags unless I make it a point to place them myself.
#15Lune21Posted 2/9/2013 6:22:44 AM
Neither AoE or AoM caught up to me. Knights and Merchants on the other hand... I played that game for hours. Anyone knew this game?
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Age of Empires was way better than Age of Mythology
I actually played all the games as they were released (AoE -> AoE2 -> AoM) and AoM is by far my favorite of the bunch.

Knights and Merchants I played, but that's a rather different kind of strategy; it's like a cross between AoE and Settlers.
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