Worst support in your opinion

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Skunkdog1 posted...
funkidude posted...
Karma is not even on the list... That's how I know she's the worst support.

if you think karma is bad than youve probably never seen one played. if played right shes one of the best in the game.

Oh, I get. Everyone in the world is doing it wrong. You're right.
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Nami < Janna < Soraka
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Nami in the game

Sona for every thing elae

#34VoidgolemPosted 2/9/2013 11:36:20 PM
of the ones I tend to get in solo queue, Sona.

just...always seems to instant-die.
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funkidude posted...
Karma is not even on the list... That's how I know she's the worst support.

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Zed,Taric, Tryndamere and Garen are my favourite supports. In that order
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Aww.. I love Janna and think she's a great support but most people don't know how to use her properly. She could use a little buff... so tired of seeing Lulu, Sona, and Taric EVERY game. But yea I would say Karma is the worst... but actually I think she could be really good but no one uses her so I don't know.
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soraka bad support?

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Ashe, Viktor, Teemo oh sorry I was listing the supports in my past 5 games. I have to give it to Nami. She is too much like the older support that dont get used anymore