J4 Jungle Questions...

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Amarajah posted...
mobos = mobility boots im guessing

Get smite/exhaust and try to bait out a flash by just scaring them as you walk into lane if they are past the halfway point, then E-> Q into them if they're getting to close to their tower to force a flash, then finally just cataclysm and tower dive with your W shield if you can and your teammates should be able to get a kill.

Right, mobos = troll boots = mobility.

Exhaust is an option I guess, but the ridiculous distance J4 can close with flash -> flagrush -> ult is hilarious.

I like Wriggles since it gives you some lifesteal and a ward, overall it's a pretty efficient item. Rarely will the game go so long that you'll be able to replace it.
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Spirit Stone is a nono. Just don't spam.
Keep Madred's and build Solari/tank.
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Black Cleaver, Warmogs, Locket seem to give me a fair amount of success in jungle.
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My path goes Wolves>Blue>Wraiths>Wolves>Red. By the time I get red I'm level 4 and I'll generally head bot. If the enemy is pushing, I'll go river, if not, I'll tell me teammates to push minions so I can sneak up the side bush. As for skills I usually have 2 in my spear, 1 in shield, 1 in flag.

If you come at them from the side, drop the flag behind them at their escape point to cut them off and knock them up when they go to escape.

I also like to hide in places like tops tri bush (our sides tri bush) or my own wraith camp, and when the enemy goes to attack the turret, I'll EQ over the wall into a Cataclysm to hopefully get some turret shots on em.
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I do the hide Eq combo myself too, however I do it more with Vi q into r early levels. Only really works if your teammate least them push or is bad. Another random question now.. I ran in to a Shaco jungler early today and thought he was going to try to murder me all day, he didn't but should I change my build at all should I encounter another?
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I don't really play jarvan, but my friend suggests that you use W first when you want to gank, If you can land the slow it will make the E-Q combo easier to hit.
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#171337RoosterPosted 2/10/2013 12:30:28 PM
also phage->Mallet or TF is an option for adding extra CC to your ganks.
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I normally get a phage if the target has a dash to get them to waste it. Also I have no problem landing my eq so once they land I w for the slow.
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E+Q asap and then W as soon as they land to slow them. R to stop them if it is up, remember to hit R again to get rid of it it if they flash out. Really not much else you can do. Remember to throw the flag in front of them not right on them, otherwise with the delay you might not hit them.

As for build:

Machete+5 obviously. You can either go just xman claws and sell it late game, upgrade to wriggles, spirit stone only, or go with the tank or dps spirit stone upgrade. They all work.

Then you go tanky dps.

Black Cleaver
Bulwark ( if support doesn't get it )
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1337Rooster posted...
I don't really play jarvan, but my friend suggests that you use W first when you want to gank, If you can land the slow it will make the E-Q combo easier to hit.

That's a big no-no, the range on it is not that good, so they'd either have to be really stupid and stick close to unwarded bushes or let you run to them.

Always E+Q first, then W after the knockup.
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