I instalock all the time

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3 years ago#11
Raging_water posted...
Sometimes I drink milk without pouring it in a glass first.

Am I as badass as this guy?

Only if the milk is skim milk
Kee'lah se'lai
3 years ago#12
"I'm a kid and I'm desperately trying to prove I'm independent and against the rules"
3 years ago#13
Darksteel posted...
It's my game and ill play who I want to play dumbass try hards can go play Hello Kitty Island Adventures if they don't like it

Only "dumbass" here is you. Go back to Call of Duty. You'd fit in much better.
"I defeated a raccoon! SCIENCE!" - M.O.D.O.K.
3 years ago#14
He be representin' from his mom's basement like a BOSS!
3 years ago#15
Look out, we got a badass over here.
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3 years ago#16
My sig is a great way to learn about people from LoL

Glad I'm not you tools.
"As much as I like playing LoL - the majority of the populace are unfavorable people with low social skills and etiquette."
3 years ago#17
lol tc got a giant haul
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3 years ago#18
I'll only instalock if I'm playing a bot game to learn a new character, since honestly, any human team that isn't complete garbage should be able to take down bots.

As far as PvP goes, I usually choose the character I want to play immediately, call my lane, and then wait and see what the rest of the team picks to make my final decision. I usually only do this because I hate jungling. Sometimes my entire team will picky squishy characters though, so not instalocking will let me grab someone a bit more beefy if I like.

It's kinda in bad taste, especially at higher levels, but I usually don't even bat an eye when people instalock. It's a game, meh. If a bunch of people instalock and the team looks horrible, I'll just leave and come back 5 minutes later to try again.
3 years ago#19
I do too. I love it when people rage. Screw this "I call top, or I'll be jungle" bs. My turn to pick. I get what I want.
3 years ago#20
I myself have been instalocking Lu Bu in normals, and calling jungle. Many people normally dont have a problem with it. Some who do are the ones who would rage about any other of small issue anyhow. Even if someone takes jungle, I can easily swap to top or support as Lu Bu if need be. But I need to practice my Jungle Bu for ranked, and I cant really do that in a bot game.
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