Your top 5 and bottom 5 items

#1PrintScreenKeyPosted 2/10/2013 8:23:58 AM
Top 5 items

Trinity Force - enough said
Wits end - Cheap? check. Resists? check. Damage? check.
Warmogs - league of warmogs
Zhonya's hourglass - lol I dodge your ultimate
Spirit Visage - Cheap. MR. HP. CDR. every champion can use these stats.

Bottom 5 items

Atma's Impaler - cost efficient yet doesn't fit into any champion's builds. ADC?no. Support?no. AP/AD casters? no. Tank/Bruiser? There are better armour items.
Executioner's calling - even if enemy has heals adc needs other items
Zeke's Herald - there are better support items
Shard of true ice - twin shadows is better
boots of swiftness - slow reduction? merc is better. Tenacity + MR. want speed? mobility, go all the way
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Executioners Calling
Elesia's Miracle
Sightstone- I don't play support nor do I play Kata nor Lee Sin
WotA- HTGB butter
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