Would Brand do well against Yorick bottom lane Dominion?

#11MrChompletPosted 2/10/2013 10:44:18 AM
iXCelticXi posted...
MrChomplet posted...
I think i know why you feel like brand will be a good choice, with his ult and conflagration using his ghouls as a target (to hit yorick) but they can also block the sear from his stun. If you want to try and counter yorick, cho'gath is possibly the best pick, he can sustain off the ghouls with the passive, and you'll get to level 6 much faster in dominion for the free health. Also take note that yorick deals magic damage with his w and e, which is what he mainly uses to harass you early on, so an early null magic mantle (later into abyssal or spirit visage) can work well.

overall, brand isn't really that good of a pick, you're unlikely to get your stun off against a good yorick.

You mean Negatron Cloak, my good chum?

yep lol, dunno why i said null magic :P
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