Can anyone recommend me a non-traditional support?

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User Info: GHExpert123

4 years ago#1
I just get bored having to support Taric, Nunu, etc. each game I'm stuck with the role; I just don't find them fun to play. Any non-traditional supports that are fun to play, but still viable as a support?
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User Info: YellowWallpaper

4 years ago#2
Shyvana I just tried it he works.
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User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#3
Fiddlesticks, dat fear.

User Info: edubs

4 years ago#4
Nasus, dat cripple
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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#5
any ranged mage
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#6
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Karmic Dragon2003 4 years ago#7
CreviceCretin - Mario games are for little kids grow up and kill something.
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User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#8
LeBlanc. The hardest CC is death.

User Info: LooksLikeRain

4 years ago#9

I'd arrest you if I had handcuffs.

User Info: Ariavoltage

4 years ago#10
Nidalee is really fun. Fiddle is really fun too with dat fear + dat silence + dat ult.
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  3. Can anyone recommend me a non-traditional support?

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