Still no copy champ...

#1Scarecrow1711Posted 2/10/2013 2:26:18 PM
We need a champ that can copy the abilities of other champs.

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#2SaltyDogs4884Posted 2/10/2013 2:41:50 PM
There's Pulsefire Ezreal already.

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#3aHappySackaPosted 2/10/2013 2:44:22 PM
Never going to happen bro, "burden of knowledge" and what not. Go play the better game that isn't LoL if you want more unique characters.
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#4DivinewargodPosted 2/10/2013 2:46:02 PM

Totally stole this.
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#5boktai3Posted 2/10/2013 2:49:25 PM

so this guy?
#6crosooPosted 2/10/2013 2:50:47 PM
would that champ have all the animations in the game for every move, what weapon could do that, a staff using volibears bite lol. I would like it though i do like rubick from dota 2.
#7bstbllPosted 2/10/2013 2:51:01 PM
Just say you want Rubick.
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