You know that feeling you get when you ult the entire enemy team as Galio?

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Metleon posted...
Lord_Woobie posted...
I'm sure that with my luck, the only time I'd get to play Galio in pvp I'd be up against Udyr, Garen, Volibear, and Viktor.

How's Viktor gonna get you out of your ult once he's taunted? Oh and don't forget GP and Cleanse Vayne.

He'd stay at the back until I foolishly flash-ulted into the enemy team. He wouldn't get taunted, but I'd get silenced / stunned.

I legit forgot Cleanse Vayne, but yeah I'm sure she'd be in there, too.
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From: OnionOfMystery | #006
It didn't occur to you that TC might be on the other team?

Then again, it's just as likely he did it as an ally out of spite.

How do I use gragas ult to knock my allies out of Galio's range?

I mean, it would knock Galio back and cancel the channel, but I don't think that is what the TC was implying.
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I'm not understanding the confusion.
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