im convinced skarner is the best jungler in the game

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Suffer_Not posted...
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I can't stand having no range and no gap-closers.

Permaslow + speed buff.

I slowed/stunned/snared/charmed you before you caught up to me.


Implying that you can hit skill shots.
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From: Grimtron | #011
Implying that you can hit skill shots.

But... but he's moving in a straight line right towards you :c
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SeaLegend posted...
>best jungler
>not Vi

Wrong. Nothing to see here folks.

i really like vi but the lack of good cc annoys me, although its not so bad later when the cd on your q is so short that they can never get away from you
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He's my favorite, at least. The slow is more important early game than it is later, I feel. You get the jump on an enemy in lane and catch them with your slow. They then have to decide whether they want to flash out of it or try to outrun it. Of course if they have a stun, you're kind of out of luck since you'll be right on them and will almost always get hit, but hopefully you're not going in alone.
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