Amumuu has the most op alt in the game

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GotTheGreens posted...
big_pimper posted...
this alt just dominaters the game
once i get level 6 on him i go ham , build max Cooldrown rediction and use my alt when ever it is up, the ult is totally game changing, i build tanky/ap for example, i get athenes, sunfire cap, blackfire torch and riliighs slowing scepter

I think you misspelled alt.

Hahaha! I don't mean to be a jerk, but I think it's funny how someone seems to speak ESL, but knows the slang "going ham". (I think it's HAAM though, right? Hard As A M***********)
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Are you drunk TC?
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Hence he is always banned...
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i dont know what going ham means but i hear people say it like going beast mode or putting my pwn pants on
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gibe moni pls
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