i really dont see the fun in aram

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And poke teams don't necessarily win. You just gotta command your peons to not feed early game.

People don't understand the concept of trading in ARAM. Most veterans of the mode understand it much better.

If you run forward as Riven to hit 1 target then back off. It's only worth it under 3 conditions
1) They didn't hit you at all
2) You can regen their damage while they can't regen yours
3) It's a killing blow.

Too many times characters like lets say Ryze, run forward to try to Q people or hopefully W people. However, he gets Cho'Gath knocked up, then silence and has to run away with 30% of your HP. Unless you already have Spell Vamp, or nail some really good Ult shots. You're effectively out of the game until you die or regen naturally.

The goal isn't to deal some damage then sit back and go herp-a-derp in a brush. The goal is to force snowballs and prevent the enemy from snowballing against you.

Sit back, farm up, destroy late game. Unfortunately, even if a team randoms all Warmog stackers who will 100% win late game, most of them rush early and get poked to death, give money to the pokers and allow them to gain enough damage to down your towers.

And I say Veteran kind of as a joke but... I PLAY A LOT OF PROVING GROUNDS.
Old screenshot, but this is consistent.
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ARAM is good because it throws away skill and replaces it with chance. It's a luck-based system that enforces the logic "whoever has the best champions wins." It takes a bit of skill, but since it's heavily team fight-based, it's all about who was lucky enough to get the better comp.

From: xXARAM420G0DXx | #027

This is true, but that's adding the fact that the enemy team is braindead.
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I love ARAM because I can just let loose and charge into enemies and die and die again but still win.
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Couldn't disagree more Gujin. I mean of course the caliber of ARAM players is definitely not as high as ranked and people don't take it as serious, so any discussion of legitimacy can be questionable.

However, pretty much every composition can pose at least a threat. It's how you play it out.

I play a lot of Blind Pick PG, we've consistently gone for gimmick teams that are champions no one ranks high in ARAM.

Trundle, Skarner, Shyvana, Renekton and Sejuani vs The Holy Triforce (Jayce, Nid, Lux) Alistar and Katarina

And won.
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From: shadyelf | #013
I love ARAM because I can just let loose and charge into enemies and die and die again but still win.

First ARAM where I was on the winning team, I drew Kog'Maw.
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mistermikeymike posted...
its pure teamfighting. it's everything dominion wants to be but better. there is no warding and cs'ing. it's less of a hassle and a lot more fun. games are shorter too

ARAB handled this better to be honest.
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I'm not a fan of it either. I play once in a while if I feel like messing around.