Guess the winner ARAM edition

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Dartkun posted...
I wish ARAM kept a counter for how many games played. Well over 1,000 by now, but I still haven't seen an Udyr do good unless he's matched with a Sona, or Amumu.

You say look as his team?

Look at theirs.

Cait Trap, Cait Slow, Ashe Arrow, Ashe Slow, Zyra root, Zyra Knockup, Zyra Slow, Lee Slow, Lee Knockback, Singed Slow, Singed Flip.

Yeah, they can burst the ADCs down and then have Udyr wreck tank face. I'm guessing they don't even get the chance to go in.

I'm easily in the same boat. ARAMs from 5 pm to until albertobr has to heroically battle his pool being on fire again.

If you've played that many ARAMs, you know the most important factor is working together and building correctly moreso than anything else.

Yeah, if Udyr chases the squishies and doesn't help his team, he's gonna have a rough time. If Taric builds tanky against that team and lets his burst fall off, he's gonna have a rough time. Conversely, if Ashe decides to get a tear and proceeds to not keep up in damage later on, she's ignorable for a long enough period for the enemy team to get ahead.

My gut guess if I had to call it will be that team 2 wins precisely because baddies are abundant in ARAMs, but there is a lot of wiggle room here.
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Habnot posted...
JennaTahlia posted...
Habnot posted...
If Taric and Udyr build damage, they stand a good chance. Zed/Kass have enough gap closing potential to get the ADCs.

That said, Cait traps are an amazing disengage tool for ARAMs and Ashe arrows allow for engaging with Singed.

Whichever team works together more will win, game isn't set in stone IMO.

Edit: People saying Udyr will be kited for days are ignoring his team too much. He can afford to get a BotrK, max his tiger and just tank bust all day while sustaining forever. I've done it a million times in ARAMs.

l0l noob udyr worst aram champ

gg guyz we have nid ez win

Nid goes ap, dives into battle as cat


Don't copy my build pls
gibe moni pls
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Those who say Udyr sucks on aram have obviously never faced my Udyr.

but in all seriousness udyr isn't that bad on aram. obv can't stomp like some champs can but just build him tanky with a bork and stun for daiz, murder peoples faces with tiger
ign toki
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Haha you finally got a chance to try out Muramana max troller stance?

gg s*** champ should have dodged
Look, the point is to get him to go to the naked party, not correctly interpret the Bible. - Ridley X.
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First team won, even though Taric was AFK.
btw I was Zed.
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how did singed not win that game by himself...
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funkedelike posted...
how did singed not win that game by himself...

Singed on a team kept to tower is worthless. He can't farm and become invincible.

It's the same reason why a Cho that can farm in ARAMs is unstoppable but a Cho getting poked has to outplay super hard.

Also, not shocked you won. Zed/Kass can hop over Cait's traps, but I highly suspect it was more due to the enemy team making bad purchases and not knowing how to use their kits together.
Look, the point is to get him to go to the naked party, not correctly interpret the Bible. - Ridley X.