HOT chick playing league

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lcodecl posted...
She just placed what was possibly the worst Sona ult in the history of LoL.

A girl i know was asked to play LoL with some guys. On her second game ever (an ARAM), she got randomed Sona.
I was assigned to be her coach as I was not playing. When she hit 6, i told her to get R. I then proceeded to say "Her R makes people dance."

Which was apparently the wrong thing to say because she immediately ulted some nearby minions, thinking it would make them dance. She said she wanted to see them dance.
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4k viewers, I think its because she has a nice personality and shes really good.

Tuned in on the moment when she was hitting her hand on her keyboard shouting f*** constantly.
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From: ERLiNo | #012
4k viewers, I think its because she has a nice personality and shes really good.

Ah ha! Sarcasm!
Get destroyed.
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Shes also 1700 elo
What a great player!
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Risaroo is sexiest streamer. The things I would love to do to her. >_>
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She's not hot, let alone all caps hot. She's not ugly at best.

I mean if it was just her and I left to repopulate the species... Well humans would be endangered.
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Low standards..
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Neckbeard scale tipped. Nice going gentlemen.
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Not really.