Name a Flaw: Day 11 - Annie

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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#11
Her walk animation is really awkward and floaty. She moves like she is made out of Styrofoam :<
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User Info: 13loop

4 years ago#12
negative4 posted...
Not old enough.
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User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#13
When you cast a spell upwards, you can no longer see under her dress. wtf
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User Info: MwarriorHiei

4 years ago#14
no more upskirts

User Info: Worm199

4 years ago#15
''Wisest is he who knows, that he knows nothing'' - Socrates
I would like to change that to ''Wisest is the wrestling fan who knows nothing beforehand''

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#16
She keeps losing track of her f***king bear.

User Info: Vonkilington

4 years ago#17
Zjakz posted...
too old

wait what

User Info: Annie_Hastur

4 years ago#18
I have no flaws :3
"You smell like... burning!"

User Info: PrisonChile

4 years ago#19
what? she said she was thirteen.
Im never happy, just less sad.
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