Patch 3.02 notes.

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User Info: I_love_SunnyD

4 years ago#51
What does that Lulu nerf even mean? When you cast E you can't Q anymore from a distance?

Seems like a huge nerf...Doesn't this kind of f*** with her ability to counter the supports she counters?

Whatever though I love Lulu for her W and Ulti, I won't play her any less. Just wish I didn't have to change my entire play style when they coulda just halved the damage or something.
I actually prefer the purple stuff

User Info: Scr3w3dUp

4 years ago#52
Damn that patch , guess who just "wasted" IP on getting an Akali rune page -.-
Could have bought some champs or an expensive one :(
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User Info: masterplum

4 years ago#53
Huge AP Nasus buff

Liandrys will be great on him now
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#54
Damn. Jayce skin released.
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