It's tentative, but they are working on how to make HP bars more readable at 2k+

#31EnclosurePosted 2/13/2013 11:24:05 PM
Xurin_the_Gamer posted...
Why not just have an option for how much life you want each block to represent?

Because that would take effort.

plus it would probably make replays and streams you watch of other people harder to understand if everyone is different
#32InfestedAdamPosted 2/14/2013 1:03:32 AM
I think DotA 2 is setup something like this and I must admit, it threw me off when I first played DotA 2. I think it's a good idea but should be an option for players. Some might not like it just because they're too accustomed to the current setting but others might be willing to give it a chance.

As someone to main as Cho'Gath this might be a good thing since I often end up overkilling my target with Feast or falling a few HP short.
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Back in my MOBA day, you had ONE health bar and you didn't even see it without holding ALT.

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Saw it on Surrenderat20. I don't like this change. Why spend time and money on getting less health bars for players. The more health bars the better. They should just scrap the idea but I think it's coming out already tonight? meh...
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Exactly! What's the point of stacking HP if you can't turn your bar black?
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