Why do people play rank if they can't play the other roles?!

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Because my best role is jungling? Sure, I know how to play all lanes and know which champs to use for that lane but my reaction and skills just isn't as good as I would be if I was playing my best role. How hard is that concept to understand? Get off your high horse.

Okay, so five people are thrown into a queue. Everyone should play their best roles, right? So what do you do when you run into someone else whose best role is jungling as well? One of you isn't jungling, unless you want to double jungle.

I usually bid for my role. If I can't get it then I'll try my best at another role. Course, I tell everyone all the time that I'm not as good as my main role so don't no one rage if I do not meet the standards. This is how I play. I know I won't always get my role but at least you pros should have a better understanding.

That makes sense, though. Of course you want to get your best role, but you're willing to adapt.

I'm now curious as to how Camel-Rider would react to this scenario with his best role.
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I doubt they can't actually play those other roles. They just say that so they can get the role of their choice. I actually haven't seen many people say "Mid or Feed" or something similar to that, and when they do, I've always assumed that they were joking. But it's not exactly the thing you really want to test.
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I'm now curious as to how Camel-Rider would react to this scenario with his best role.

Well, if someone absolutely has to take support, i dont argue, I just try for another role that im competent with.

But this results in only a 50% win rate as opposed to 70% when I support.
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I play a lot of jungle and consider jungling my main role. Out of my 15 ranked wins so far, 12 of them are wins as jungler, including 100% win rate on Lee Sin (5-0) and Kayle (6-0). Naturally, I do anything I can to play jungler, because I know how much I can contribute to the overall winning. Doesnt mean I cant support (I cant fight getting zoned by Taric, but thats different story), it means I dont feel like I can contribute to my team with my support skills as much as I can with my jungling skills.
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I can definitely play every role, but if you want an 85%+ chance of winning, you're going to let me mid or top. When a game starts and someone "calls" mid or top, I tell them that.

"I'll support if you want me to, but if you want to win, then one of you will support."

I won every single time someone switched with me.