Oh god, 6 games won in a row... My loss streak is coming soon, this sucks.

#11eco masterPosted 2/14/2013 4:26:03 PM
Camel-Rider posted...
Its a garbage system.

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8 wins in a row now.

From: eco master | #011

MMR is wonky. Too many people higher than they should be b/c of how placement matches are done.
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I know that feel

it sucks when it happens ;_;
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#14Camel-Rider(Topic Creator)Posted 2/14/2013 6:31:36 PM
Yup... After my 8 wins, got paired with the lousiest team in the history of the game.

Darius feeds top to a garen.
Lux feeds mid to an Orianna, and our jungler is like wtf lux where were you!? When she was literally dead 10 seconds ago.
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#15UnderwaterAirPosted 2/14/2013 7:00:58 PM
I was 13 wins, 5 losses, Gold division 3, 84 something points.

A series of endless trolls and baddies and now I'm 16 wins, 23 losses, Gold Division 5 with next to nothing in points.

I've lost so much now that when I play they're putting me in with a bunch of bronze/unranked baddies.
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#16Camel-Rider(Topic Creator)Posted 2/14/2013 7:06:52 PM

that sucks. Like seriously how is that possible lol

I was demoted twice after being promoted once... Now I just got promoted to where i originally started. Hopefully I climb up again.
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Exactly this, played and won 7 games across both of my accounts (have to get IP on both) and I take a break. Come back and my first game I have an Ashe afk from start and a Lux who is on the phone, so dont be mad at her for feeding.
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