Soraka mid unconventional fun!

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3 years ago#1
I am impressed by how well soraka does in mid when built properly and her ability to shut down some common ap mids like Kat is nice too.

Start how ever you want boots pots or a million pots and some wards.
2.Crystal scepter
3.Now here you can take a few routes go for tons of damage with death cap or more team utility with abyssal
4.Warmogs cause league of warmogs and you need to live to spam q
5. I haven't really gotten this far into a game yet but the plan was always to just buy what ever is necessary or needed but I've looked at liaundry's, wota, hourglass anything to ether do more damage or increase survivability more or both.

Ruins are mpen reds health yellows flat mr blue and I use move speed on quints I take 9/21 masteries just to try and increase tankyness during team fights if you get focused make sure to use alt click on your heal it gives you armor too and just spam q and silence dangerous targets.

Give it a try I am taking advice too on build options obviously not every build every game can be the same. Oh and take jungle creeps you can clear both wraith camps with raka pretty easily.
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3 years ago#2
Every time I tried soraka mid, I fed.

She's just so dang squish.
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3 years ago#3
I rock soraka mid. My new favorite pick vs Ryze. Go tanky CDR and spam in team fights.
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