Yorick vs Nasus? Yorick dominates.

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Man that sounds like the most boring lane in the game.
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UnderwaterAir posted...

Not many top laners can win 1v5 against Yorick when he's got his ghouls out in a lvl 6 fight. In fact, I don't know of any. They'd have to kite/run away if they hope to survive.

WHAT THE F TOP LANER CAN WIN 1v5? Unless you are in 900 or lower elo you cant' win 1v5 in this game. Go back to playing HoN or DOTA PLEASE!
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UnderwaterAir posted...
who even plays nasus or yorick these days

I play Yorick top. >_>

And I play Nasus top. <_<
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WHAT THE F TOP LANER CAN WIN 1v5? Unless you are in 900 or lower elo you cant' win 1v5 in this game. Go back to playing HoN or DOTA PLEASE!

Why do you sound so mad? >_>
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Nasus got significant buffs in this patch.

Although this was a popular joke topic to mind**** the crap out of people not realizing they were being trolled, the truth is that Nasus now wins that match up.
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Nasus sends Yorick to the doghouse..

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Nasus always won the matchup. tl;dr Nasus can out-sustain Yorick's mana bar early and by the time the latter gets his Tear built up enough to harass ad nauseam, Nasus now has the CDR to start farming ghouls for extra bonus damage (and still sustains pretty well through the harassment). Yorick's W since has gotten a big mana cost increase and Nasus just got two pretty sweet buffs in a row.

Janna hardcounters Amumu, Manamune/Thornmail Irelia, etc.
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SorrySleeping posted...
CheezWhizX posted...
why would even pick yorick nowadays. last season he was picked to bully people out of lane, but now he's trash against 99% of match-ups. if you want to godstomp nasus, pick someone like elise or nidalee. they straight up stomp him in lane and don't scale like trash later either.

This. Nasus wins like three match up tops. Cho, Singed, and Yorick, He pretty much loses to everyone else.

Nasus beats Irelia hard.
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Nasus is to Yorick

As Janna is to Amumu
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Luster_Sly posted...
From: Snacks23 | #007
who even plays nasus or yorick these days

this is relevant in maybe .5% of total games

.5? Even that's a bit of a stretch, considering neither champion is especially popular.

.5% of games = 1 in 200 games. Doesn't seem like that big of a stretch.