If someone on my team is AFK and I dodge in champ select, punish them.

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I see your point but honestly it comes down to practicality. It is not against the TOS to play whatever champion you want even if its randomized, and on top of that there is no reasonable way for Riot to police something like that.


Pick before the time ends or get booted for being afk with a 5 minute penalty. Add in a specific hard random option if people want to do that.

The current system punishes four people because someone decided to afk before ensuring their game is set up.

There is a hard random option. After all your champions there's a ? icon that is random of the champions available.
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Flame that's just a random/ soft random.
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It makes no difference whether he waits for a random or locks in without a champion selected, he's "pick" will likely screw your comp

Plus it's blind pick
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lrn2carry scrub

and lolnormals