how many champions do you own?

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User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#11
49 as of today.

User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#12
Too many

I just can't resist a sale
Master Of The Dead 4 years ago#13
79 IIRC.
Gamertag: Dayy Hughes ~~~~~ Summoner Name (LoL EUW): Arcanine

User Info: 04Dark

4 years ago#14
About 4..... Alistar, Morgana, Gangplank, Teemo, Master Yi, Ashe....
6. Alistar was free, youtube. Morgana was free also, got a code.
Ashe was my first buy. Played her in the tutorial.
Gangplank is my main.
AD Teemo is a beast. Had to buy him.
Yi bought him cause he was cool and cheap.
So yeah, I've only spent like 5500 IP in champs.
R.I.P. intrepid40 (7/13/08 - 3/28/12)

User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#15
Number of people who have said, "Listen to Cosmos": 33
LOL IGN: Aladair

User Info: arys75

4 years ago#16
96 I think.

User Info: Dogmanwalking

4 years ago#17
5 :P Ryze, Cho'Gath, Soraka, Master Yi, and Brand. Actually saving money to get an ADC, I was thinking Ezreal despite how overused he is.

User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#18
Solid 30.
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