Core renekton items?

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4 years ago#1
I've been opening up with black cleaver as his first item, and the rest situational, and so far i've been having tremendous success. Items I like: frozen mallet, maw of malmortis, bloodthirster, sunfire cape

But I still am not feeling as crazy dominate as I've seen some other renektons, I am going 9/21/0, maybe 21/9/0 ? My runes are AD, armor and mr, just standard stuff.
4 years ago#2
9/21/0 definitely

you can use ad quints with armor pen reds for a slightly weaker early game but significantly more powerful post-brutalizer.

go brutalizer into sunfire cape. then finish cleaver

maw is pretty good vs the ap comps you might come across (elise top with like ryze mid kinda stuff)
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4 years ago#3
thank, I shall try that.
4 years ago#4
locket+warmogs dorans blade....
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4 years ago#5
spirit visage is pretty good
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