Ryze stinks?

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3 years ago#11
Mobafire aside, the build doesn't look terrible. Maybe bad matches, or you just suck? Don't know what to say.
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3 years ago#12
zepfya posted...
DreDayy posted...
are you buying tear + catalyst first?

I am buying what this guide states to buy all in order http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/ryze-protector-of-the-scroll-155276. It's highly rated and I have no idea why.


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3 years ago#13
zeppelin312 posted...
first, lol mobafire

solomid.net for guides, mobafire is terrible

second, you are level 18 and I'm going to guess don't know how to cs well. Practice last hitting in general to increase your gold income

third, practice, watch streams, just play, read GOOD guides, etc. You will eventually get somewhat better, however you need to hold yourself accountable to do this, don't just aspire to get better, really practice (if you want to be better)

edit: also to restate an above poster, use smartcasting if you aren't already

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3 years ago#14
I am not level 18, I am level 8. I meant when Ryze is 18. Also maybe I suck but I went 29-0 with teemo my 3rd game playing and I do just fine with other champs. I mean it has nothing to do with the balance of champs like oped teemo and a weak champ like Ryze right?
3 years ago#15
From: zepfya | #054
oped teemo

weak champ like Ryze

3 years ago#16
From: zepfya | #001

I laughed
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3 years ago#17
You guys shouldn't take such a troll topic so seriously...

oh wait
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3 years ago#18
So I don't recommend doing this normally..... just for fun in random normals.....

But I have been having some fun with a full MANA SWIMMING POOL runepage starting mana crystal + 2 pots and as much mana as I can get in the utility tree and cdr in offense tree.

It is super gimicky but my level 1 damage is just so intense I just walk up to my opponent while csing and spam q on him every cooldown. and they just can't handle the damage, and I have so much mana I can do it about forever. A good player will get around this, but it is too good for random normals =P
3 years ago#19
ryze is bad. play someone else.
3 years ago#20
Is it wrong for me to think this guy is trolling?
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