how is cv right now?

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4 years ago#1
I miss season 1 ._.
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4 years ago#2
im sure it still has its uses
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4 years ago#3
To be perfectly honest, I'd choose it in almost every support game if I could. But people will yell at you for doing so... so exhaust it is. TBH I mainly play Janna who isn't an aggressive support. Exhaust does win you engages at bot -- it's just that if your carry can bait the opponent's, then it doesn't mean too much. The utility is great and worth it at times. Especially if you're coordinated with your Jungler.
4 years ago#4
It's no longer mandatory for certain. I'd use it against gank heavy junglers early.
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4 years ago#5
It's less effective since there are more wards around now, but can work when your team has a good counterjungler, I've used it instead of Flash with Janna.
4 years ago#6
I miss CV, but nowadays it just sucks. ADC's no longer pick up Exhaust too, so the support is pretty much obligated to.
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