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Has anyone brought up how Imaqtpie talked about Kalista and an ability of his?frogzx310/23 5:06AM
How can people be in front of the screen playing this stale game??Miyasakiii310/23 4:54AM
I escaped Bronze. AMA
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slumpcat1210/23 4:43AM
Death Battle: All 121 League Champions vs Ultron.
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scaler241110/23 4:42AM
YR: Riot announce they are selling league to EA
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Coxydon2410/23 4:36AM
YR: You are flabbergasted when the ultimate skin is revealed.
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Mario_VS_DK1310/23 4:36AM
All league champions versus...Gig_NFBB210/23 4:35AM
Along with champs you can now ban items
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Leo49991610/23 4:18AM
I boosted someone for free.DiggleLord610/23 4:10AM
YR: Riot sells League to PlayboyOEIO999210/23 4:07AM
I dont ward, I don't play support, I instalock, I killsteal and I focus on kills
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mistermikeymike6910/23 3:12AM
In my gold promos
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Johnny_Cueto1510/23 2:51AM
Your last played champion...
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SeizureGoat1510/23 1:16AM
YR: The in-game announcer...Edgemaster70000710/23 1:07AM
Riven Mains be all about that 'Win Lane Lose Game because of toxic feeders' lifedeathisajerk410/23 12:49AM
How did you go about choosing the lane you ended up maining?
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DaddyZeus674510/23 12:36AM
Teemo top is one of the most mechanicaly intensive champions in the game.
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Kadabra0252710/23 12:36AM
enemy team has ashe and a fioralalelulelosop410/23 12:11AM
Just about done with ranked, but I want that skin so bad..
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frogzx1910/23 12:07AM
Adventures in Rankeddovahkiin810/23 12:04AM