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reminder that Yi is the original dunkmasterthisisboris2911/20 7:02PM
Frozen at loading screenbornadragon411/20 7:02PM
That feeling when you try a champ for the first time in coop vs. ai
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SophieLuvsTofu3311/20 6:50PM
Indisputable proof that riot is plotting against me.Kadabra025411/20 6:41PM
What jungle item do you think is the best for Fiddlesticks now?TheTaxMonster811/20 6:40PM
Why not start cloth pots
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CrowsB4Hoes1111/20 6:35PM
Why does Sejuani keep talking about strength when she doesn't do much damage?
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kcbeliever1311/20 6:29PM
Little did you know, all riots nerfs to him were to curb his upcoming power...AeternaNocturne311/20 6:15PM
Oh right, new scuttle crab is free autos/w procs for Aatrox
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Zeron RB1511/20 6:09PM
Is it just me or do mages/spell casters completely suck?nativeboi85711/20 5:53PM
Is jungling harder than ever?DaddyZeus67311/20 5:47PM
Public PSA Announcement: Jungle and KalistaXydru711/20 5:30PM
Is anyone currently Fiora jungling (in new jungle) and can help me??jd_walker611/20 5:22PM
anyone else cant connect to chat?TheSaintG511/20 5:20PM
So if my duo lane partner is named "Bitcrusher"IRockThs811/20 5:18PM
Jungle is kill
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Windyligth1211/20 4:34PM
Can we take a minute to talk about the new dragon bonuses?
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typhone0043111/20 4:31PM
did riot change matchmaking again?shyahone311/20 4:24PM
Where does Sejuani belong now?
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Unit10272311/20 4:21PM
So after 3-4 yearsFreshSushi211/20 4:08PM