Lane match up question: Lee Sin versus Riven

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4 years ago#1
Any tips for this? About to play and haven't fought a Lee Sin as Riven in a while.
~{Always Sleeping}~
4 years ago#2
If lee doesnt suck you ganna get wrecked.
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4 years ago#3
The armor is gone from his W so it's not nearly as "hard" of a match-up anymore for an all physical damage champ like Riven. Still difficult but winnable.
Get destroyed.
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4 years ago#4
You've got to watch for his W closely, otherwise you're gonna whiff your entire combo. It's not a smart thing to fight him around a ton of his minions (moreso than most other champs). If you can reliably shove and stay shoved, maybe leave and go do minis or something between waves, then you'll stay ahead in lane. Otherwise don't do too terribly close trades. I'm fairly sure Lee can Execute at a higher health percentage than Riven can, so he'll get off that combo quicker.
4 years ago#5
Extremely difficult if the Lee Sin doesn't suck.

You have no way of dealing your full burst combo on him if he knows what he's doing.
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4 years ago#6
Why do I even bother playing Riven anymore?

Mid TF + jungle Xin kept ganking even after I was feeding. 1/7/1 right now.
~{Always Sleeping}~
4 years ago#7
Is there anyone that Riven wins against anymore that is just someone like Nasus that instantly loses early game? Feels like everyone is either a counter or difficult match up.

We won mainly because I built tank and the enemy was stupid enough to focus me while double ADC wrecked things.
~{Always Sleeping}~
4 years ago#8
Riven is still one of the best Level 2-3 duelists I believe. Out of everyone in the entire game. Maybe lose a trade at that level to a Garen or something. Riven is all about snowball. You take some jungle exp or otherwise push your lane a bit at the very start, hit level 2 and all-in your opponent. With a kill advantage, you can buy come back and immediately chunk them so low that they can't stay around minions without dying. You hit level 6 before them? Make sure you're jungle is around, because you have the easiest dive in the world. Congrats, you have a Bloodthirster. Go gank bot lane and get a double kill.

Riven is a pubstomper. She's a snowballer. She's hard to use if you only plan on "keeping up".
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