I still don't get why people think Elise is so great.

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Dark_Dc posted...
Khazix should never beat elise cause of spider form. She will literally always have minions beside her and if he goes tanky she builds mpen and wins. Will beat MR and will beat high HP due to her skills.

To be fair, Void Spike should instagib all her spiderlings.

Evolved, sure I agree. But even then its dependent on a good cast. Minion line in the way or from far as Kha typically uses it can disrupt that, and Elise is really good at staying out of engagements she doesn't want (like KhaZix is) except she also has a stun, which ill summon more spiderlings anyways.

I've never had a problem with a Kha in lane. Its pretty much he jumps your human form if you're harassing/farming, you E him Q W, R to spider Q W and E in or away depending.

I love KhaZix but I just think Elise is too strong. Especially early mana use.. Kha might be forced to farm with W early and that hurts his mana more than Elise's harass does, especially when she can still cast from spider for free
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Elise is great! She haunts my dreams.

Ironically, she haunts the dreams of two other men, who are bald and well endowed at the same time! :P
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