There is no good support in solo queue

#11Rookie_JetPosted 2/18/2013 6:52:58 AM
If I need to support (I don't always mind), I usually pick whoeverdaeff I want and ward lots. Most "supports" I take usually have some good CC though except my support GP who at least has good harass and a good aura. Oranges are nice too. Incoming Ashe arrow? Take it for my adc...then eat oranges and it's k.

Anyway, if I'm losing a matchup bot, I almost never think to myself (if only I picked a "better" support, we might have had this). If we're losing, 9/10, we just weren't compatible as lane partners (I only solo q) or we just truthfully got outplayed.
#12Soccerocker9Posted 2/18/2013 7:47:17 AM
16-7 so far in solo queue, 14-6 so far as support, and I only went another char because someone either couldnt ad/mid or beat me to the support role. Typically sona, sometimes leona, rarely blitz, and if you try hard enough you can usually set up the other guy so that even a terrible ad is forced to get some kills. Sometimes it's hopeless, but typically those games would have been even worse if you were in another lane altogether.

Silver 2, so far.
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This is a bad idea.
#13bast999Posted 2/18/2013 8:28:45 AM
If you see me in soloQ, let me rev up that Nunu/Taric and show you a good support.

I know what you mean, whenever I play jungle, the support is bloody braindead and can't even properly ward when we're ahead.
This but unironically.