Whom would you consider to be the most developed champions in the game?

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As some of you may recall, I do a lot of scouring Riot for Lore information. I've been considering doing a series on many of the Lore intricacies, and I was going to start with a Top Ten Best Designed/Most Developed Champions thread. However, before I do so I was curious as to what the board considered the most developed champions were. I've certainly already made my own opinion; it's not like I actually care what any of you think, I was just curious. D-don't get the wrong idea or anything!

It's also somewhat to gauge interest. Whenever I do a big lore post a bunch of people seem to get a kick out of it, so if there is a lot of interest for me to do a lore series it'd definitely influence my decision to do so >__>

Oh, and for anyone who is curious, here is my top ten. If you want to know why some of them made the list... Well, that's what that topic would be for, so...

Lee sin ...

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Not Annie
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Thresh. Riot put a lot of effort into him
ign toki
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Blocktopus posted...
Elise. Riot put a lot of effort into her

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From: Blocktopus | #003
Thresh. Riot put a lot of effort into him

Thresh suffers from... problems. Yes, Riot has put a lot of effort into him. I'll give them that. They've put a lot of effort into the Shadow Isles doodsoverall. But there isn't any payoff to it yet.

The Shadow Isles in general just... don't work right now. If we look at champions who are clear threats to the safety of the population of the world, the League does something about it. Brand is locked up. Nocturne is locked up. Etc. Now, a bunch of champions are clearly not good guys, but they haven't done anything bad yet. Syndra has killed one old man who arguably was a jerk to her anyway. Veigar is not the nicest dood, but the most evil thing he has done is stealing a bunch of balloons from Bandle City. Etc, etc, most any champion you can wave off as not being a threat to world peace.

And then Hecarim led a war party of specters charging across the eastern side of Demacia, killing anyone in his path and leaving a trail of desolate, lifeless ground behind him. He further claims that "This is merely the beginning. No mortal army can withstand the might of the Shadow Isles" and demands entry to the League when he gets there. And then the Summoners threw him into prison to rot forever as punishment for killing tons of peo- Oh wait, no, they didn't do that. They let him in so this creature who clearly wants to start wars and kill people can start gathering influence for himself.

Thresh has the same problem. His motivation is to steal the souls of Champions. He's not exactly... subtle about it. His only reason for being in the League is to murder his co-workers and stuff them in a lantern. And then the Summoners threw him in prison as punishment for his many crimes against humanity (and children in particular) as well as to prevent him from killi- Oh wait, they didn't do that at all. Instead, they all wore big signs on their backs that said "Backstab here" and "Open for betrayal 24/7".

At least Elise is subtle about the whole thing. She seems to run a legitimate business to someone who doesn't know better. Most people would not assume that she eats her 'customers'. But people know about Hecarim and Thresh and Eve. They are aware of the danger that they face. And in order for someone like me to justify the part where no one does anything about it, I have to come up with ridiculous theories that explain away the apparent inaction of all the doods in power.

I don't remember which Rioter brought it up, but Thresh is also supposed to have voice lines for Twisted Treeline just as Morde, Hecarim, and friends do. He doesn't have them currently because they want to add another champion's lines in who is currently a secret and whose lines are not done yet. Perhaps this will answer some of my questions about him and help to fix some of his problems. I may change my opinion on Thresh as he gets fleshed out, but as of right now I wouldn't consider him for a top ten.

I mean, he's way above trash like Vayne or Zyra, but until his problems are fixed and he gets something to help him stand out he get's stuck with 'mediocre'.
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Draven isn't that developed. Not as much as me anyway.
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I'm going to give this a bump.
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I've never read any of the lore from the game, but I do tend to read your posts and they do tend to be interesting. Take it for what you will.
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I feel like the whole thing with Malz, Kass, and Kog has a good amount of detail for what it's worth, I mean, Malz brought Kog out of the void when he got his powers, then started a cult of people trying to release more creatures.

Meanwhile, Kass is trying to stop Malz from doing this, and gets even more dedicated to stopping him when Malz sacrifices Kass's daughter to the void.
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