What champs do you consider strong atm?

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  3. What champs do you consider strong atm?
2 years ago#1
top lane: zed, elise, khaz
mid lane: kayle, annie, kass
jungle: hecarim, vi
adc: graves, draven, mf
support: thresh, taric

what about you?
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Kneegrodomus lvl 85 Orc Death Knight * The Forgotten Coast
(edited by Masterjeff54)
2 years ago#2
I'd say kha zix is stronger mid
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IGN: WrSmega - Silver III
2 years ago#3
mid: Lux, kha zix
jungle: lee sin (still)
top: Nid (still) olaf (still)
ad: twitch (no one realized how strong he was when they remade him i think) mf (new items too good for her)
Support: Lolsupport.
LoL summoner: Vejitables
2 years ago#4
Top:A lot of champs. Elise is probably #1 right now.
Mid: Kha Zix, Cho'Gath, Anivia, TF
Jungle: Vi, Lee Sin, Hecarim
AD:Twitch, Ezreal, Caitlin, MF, Graves, and Ashe are pretty strong right now
Support: Taric
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  3. What champs do you consider strong atm?

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