I think jungle Tryndamere is over.

#21TomorrowDogPosted 2/18/2013 11:36:58 PM
I think this right here, is why it's easy to deal with Tryndamere, at least why LoL players think it is. Whereas, if you built health and armor, Tryndamere's Q naturally gives him a ton of AD, and he basically walks in and does what he wants. If you build it the way everyone else does, he's just this squishy guy that goes splat as long the other team has some CC.

The way I built, it didn't matter that they had CC, because of my durability. I wasn't their focus, because they need to get through 4500hp, and then my ult. While they're doing that, my team is wrecking them. However, if they did focus the proper champions, I got to run wild and use E every 5 seconds. I had around 300+ AD, and I think that's quite a lot for a bruiser.

Keep in mind by the end you had snowballed. A lot of tanky dps champions become more or less immortal once they take the lead. In this day and age an AD carry with zero blinks is like a free win anyways.

If you're going to go the tanky DPS route then you have to compare it to other champions in the category. Olaf goes through the carry like a buzzsaw. Volibear is a DPS monster with an initiate and a nasty execute. Malphite has god tier initiation. You really want to be as relevant as some of those guys if you want to justify Tankdamere.
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TomorrowDog posted...
Insulting Tryndamere and Tryndamere players is like a badge of honor around here. If you don't pretend you absolutely obliterate him every time you see him then you are a noob. It's been like that forever, except when we all stfu'ed for a month a year ago when he was a popular pick/ban at high elo and he had to be nerfed. But now we just pretend that never happened and the nerfs were just to appease low elo noobs.

I don't think I was playing LoL when he was a popular pick/ban, but I agree with you that a well-played Tryndamere is a monster. 5 seconds of smashing the carry's face in, forcing the enemy team to blow some of their precious cc all the while is pretty deadly, especially when Cleanse and/or Merc Scimitar are brought in.
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Glass cannon Trynd is really the only way to build him. He melts fast even with HP, and his ult means he can go full glass cannon+QSS.
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JaggiJumper posted...
Glass cannon Trynd is really the only way to build him. He melts fast even with HP, and his ult means he can go full glass cannon+QSS.


Build standard AD carry. Melt faces.
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