What's the point of a Inhouse if it's for fun...

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AbsenceOfPaint posted...
Nubz still has a stick up his ass i see.


how do I have a stick up my ass if I'm telling someone to have fun

it's all in a joking manner and if your feelings get hurt over a silly inhouse then idk what to tell you
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It's okay, Mario. Salty people who can't stand other users having more fun than them will go out of their way to ban them from playing with them again so they can continue to play their serious tryhard mode have to win 100% lifestyle.
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because gfaqs is full of baddies that want to ascend above fellow baddies
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Bapps44 posted...
because gfaqs is full of baddies that want to ascend above fellow baddies

i guess
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#15Wizzkid428Posted 2/18/2013 6:31:12 PM
It's funny, cause whenever we do inhouses, it's always the people who don't take the game seriously who get mad.

I just love the people with the mentality that they want to do well, but that the people who do are loser nerds.
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#16iddZk33pPosted 2/18/2013 6:35:41 PM
cause they want to flex their e-peens but if they lose to the skilled and talented players of gamefaqs, they look bad.